Picture Framing Services

At Affordable Frames in Porirua, Wellington, we frame pieces of art or memorabilia special to your family or for display in your home. These may be pieces of art acquired during a holiday, from a gallery, special family treasures or old pieces that need restoring. The equipment that we have invested in allows us to produce a top-quality finish for our clients.

Occasionally, clients will request the use of non-conservation materials when the budget does not allow the best or the artwork doesn't warrant it. That is also fine. Discussing with and listening to our clients’ wishes always produces the desired outcome. We always prepare frame options based on using the best conservation materials and practices.

Mark of Excellence

Our clients deal directly with our owner Dean. He works on a residential property where he has a small shop for consultations. He also does private consultations during after-hours to accommodate his clients’ busy lifestyles.

Clients often leave their artwork with Dean while he prepares 3-4 options for them based on their brief. This helps simplify the decision-making process without trying to force a decision on materials in a limited time frame and always arrives at a better outcome for the customers.

Other Services

If you have old artworks or photographs that need attention and these are of personal or significant value then please discuss these with Dean. He has established working relationships with trusted conservators who are specifically skilled to restore delicate or valuable artworks. Dean has referred many pieces for conservation work, which have then been returned for framing to produce a fantastic outcome, while preserving the life of the artwork for further generations to appreciate. You will deal directly with the conservator unless you instruct Dean to act on your behalf.

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